Mackey's MPI Incorporated is a family business owned and operated by Greg and Diane Mackey. MACKEYS was originally formed to specialize in swimming pool installations and quickly evolved into two divisions: pool installations and a Residential Construction and service company. Our background consists of many diverse residential projects. We specialize in helping people design a sanctuary for the inside and outside of their homes. Many homeowners are looking to their homes for an escape from their hectic lifestyles. We enjoy making this a reality for our customers. 

We have over 32 years of experience doing home renovation and remodeling projects and building pools. Since that time MACKEYS has constructed well over 5000 Swimming Pools and Home Construction Projects in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and now Central Florida. We are proud to be involved with each and every project first hand. That is what a family business is all about; owners involved on the front line, every day and when asked, our customers tell us it is very re-assuring to be able to get Greg or Diane on the phone, or on the jobsite, almost any time and get answers to queries first-hand from those who make the decisions.

Some of the best experiences we have ever had is when we are demonstrating or describing one of our fine products and a customer for that product becomes involved in the conversation. We slowly step back and watch as our customer tells another customer a story of satisfaction and contentment and helps complete a sales transaction as we never could. Nothing is as sincere as a satisfied customer and over the years we have developed thousands of happy customers and that explains why a substantial amount of our business comes not from advertising or promotions, but from our customers telling others about their positive experiences dealing with MACKEYS MPI. That "word of mouth advertising" cannot be bought at any price except by doing what you say you will do, when you said you would do it and at a reasonable price. We have consistently been able to meet that goal. 

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